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“For it is in the giving that we receive.”

Posted by Mary Wisniewski on

Everyday I try to work on incorporating this phrase into my everyday life, but I don’t always. We’re all human, right? We fall short so often, especially when it comes to giving to others. Thankfully, (no pun intended) Thanksgiving is fast approaching! What is this wonderful holiday but a small reminder of all that we have, and therefore how much we have to give!

When it comes to giving to others, everyone has something to offer, and I don’t mean in terms of material possessions. What I want to mention specifically right now is the gift of a random act of kindness; a little act of service.

Take a moment and picture in your mind someone that you love, perhaps a close friend, or a child, sibling or spouse…can you picture his or her smile? Can you remember times they've made you laugh? Is it making you smile right now just to think about it, like the way it feels when a candle lights up a dark room?

Whatever the reasons are that you love them, at some point they've made you happy, so doesn't that give you the desire to make them happy in return? Of course we all want to makeour loved oneshappy, but that’s certainly easier than caring enough to make strangers happy, isn't it?

What’s the big deal about a small act of kindness anyway? Everyone is mutually busy in this digital, fast-moving age, a time of convenience and comfort in which the little bit of effort it takes to do something small and kind feels like an astronomical burden. Why do we feel such a strain when it comes to helping others? Aren't we hoping that someone will help us out, cutus a break once in a while?

Here is my challenge to you:

This holiday season, do something EVERY DAY between now and Christmas.

Remember, we’re not talking about monetary things, but  acts of kindness. Don’t over think it; open a door for someone. Say, “Hey, that’s a beautiful blouse you’re wearing.” Don’t do it to promote yourself or expect anything in return. Do it because you desire deep down to be decent, caring, kind and good.

Let’s talk about the roadblocks really quick: I mean, if we were to be specific here, what sorts of things stop us from reaching outside of ourselves for just a moment to be kind? Each of us has our own pain. We experience tragedy, loss, and even just those everyday disappointments can be enough to make us feel defeated. We get stuck in a rut, unable to see past our own problems.

Well, here’s a reminder; we are ALL in the same boat. It doesn't matter the severity, or the level of difficulty we are experiencing that we think sets us apart from everyone else; it’s the fact that we all feel that strain at some point. Instead of letting our problems drive a wedge between us, we should take it as an opportunity to feel a sense of empathy for our fellow humans. Besides, I heard a saying once, that “if we were to all throw our problems in a pile, then look around at everyone else’s, we’d snatch ours back!”

Knowing this, remember that being kind in a small way on a daily basis can only help you, not hurt you. Regardless of how people react to your kindness, you will feel the satisfaction knowing that you accomplished a goal you’d set, and knowing that you’d done something good.

Now, what good is any challenge without follow up, right? I want to hear from you what sorts of random acts of kindness you are doing. If you decide to take this challenge, I recommend that you record it somehow, whether on paper or on some sort of notepad app on your computer or smart device…THEN, post and comment on my Facebook page; Granted, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your “random act of kindness experience,” you can still be accountable to yourself, or to a family member that you tell about this challenge.

Good luck! You CAN. Others will thank you for it, and you will be changed and affected by your resolve as well. Remember,

                                “For it is in the giving that we receive.” –St. Francis of Assisi

Thank you and don't forget that I will be taking the challenge with you.


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